welcome on the new website of the “espace autogéré des tanneries” a cultural and political social center in Dijon (France).

Les Tanneries was born from a triple project made of :

  • a gig room dedicate to the non profits and subversives countre-cultures
  • an activity space (kitchen, librairy, informatic room, cinema, etc), use as ressources for  anti-capitalists and anti-autoritarian initiatives
  • a collective leaving space auto-organised by its resident

Les Tanneries is the result of years of sturggles against eviction hints and other threats posed by the successive municipalities.

it as also initiate and joined  several action and  demonstration in Dijon links to the local and international actuality. By the years Les Tanneries producted several texts, posters, flyers and other documents, you can read one of theses as a complete presentation in the history section.

Les Tanneries regularly offers public activities : gigs, readings, political debate, video projections, theater, collective workshops and lot more. you can find the program on this website